Tuesday, 25 April 2017

For Delivery 26th April 2017

Morning all
Sorry to bother you on ANZAC Day.
You may have heard that produce will be more expensive post the storms in the North Island. Although growers down here weren’t affected, our prices are. Growers in the south send their product to the north Island where the can get better prices. Regardless, I’ve managed to still get some greens for our packs.

Carrots - 18 x 20kg crates
Shanghai - 36 x 10 count (sleeved) in crates
Cherry Tomatoes - 13 x 28 count in crates
Bananas - 20 x 18kg loose in boxes
Apples - 1 x bin of 300kg Honey Crunch
Pears - 24 x 14kg DDC in crates
Celery - 30 x 12 count in crates
Oranges (imported) - 10 x 18kg in boxes

Leeks - 4 x 10 bunches
Desiree Gourmet - 8 x 8 count 2kg bags
Market Mix White Mushroom - 2 x 4kg boxes


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