Tuesday, 23 May 2017

For Delivery 24th May 2017


Nice mix of produce today.
A few of things to note:
The garlic is locally grown and best quality. Enjoy. Purchased direct from a registered grower in Templeton. A wee hint regarding use. Don’t worry about peeling the garlic before you pop it in your garlic crusher. The skin remains in the rusher. Actually, the grower said that cooking with the skin on isn’t an issue either. It often melts away. PLEASE NOTE: Garlic won’t feature on your MG documentation.

Fresh beans in our packs today are the last of the season Nelson grown, they’re very tasty. However, there are a few with marks so please sort carefully before you pop in the bags.

Finally, Persimmon appear this week. They can be eaten while hard (consistency of an apple) of you can wait for them to soften. Feel free to eat the skin or peel. 

Bananas - 21 boxes of 18kg loose
Yellow Capsicum - 19 boxes of 40 count
Broccoli - 15 crates of 25 count
Carrots - 17 crates of 20kg loose
Butterkin - 25 crates of 15 count
Mandarin - 20 crates of 18kg
Persimmon - 1 x 300kg bin
Garlic - 4 x 10kg boxes
Beans - 12 crates of 10kg

Cauliflower - 8 crates of 5 count (or equivalent to give you at least 38 cauli)
Tomatoes - 1 crate of 15kg
Beetroot (small) - 1 crate of 20kg


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