Tuesday, 2 May 2017

For Delivery 3rd May 2017

Morning all
Green’s are very short and expensive at the moment. They’re grown close by but are being sent north where there are huge shortages after the latest nasty weather. Growers get much better money even though they have to sustain freight costs. But…I did manage to get some Kale. Kale chips are very tasty so encourage your folk to Google Kale recipes. It’s a very healthy choice as far a veg goes.

Arriving tomorrow is:

Bananas - 20 boxes of 18kg loose
Capsicum - 21 boxes of 36 count
Mushrooms - 24 boxes of 4kg White Market Mix
Kale - 38 crates of 10 count in sleeves
Onions - 31 crates of 12 x 1.5kg bags 
Royal Gala Apples - 24 crates of 8 x 2kg bags (will need to divide contents of each bag in half)
Green Kiwifruit - 17 crates of 20kg

Carrots - 3 x 14 bags (1.5kg ea)
Tomato - 1 x 15kg crate
Spring Onion - 2 crates of 25 count

Cheers for now

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