Tuesday, 11 July 2017

For Delivery 12th July 2017

Morning folk
Best get your winter woollies sorted now in preparation for tomorrow’s produce arrival.
It’s possible that some produce heading down from the north may not get here if snow closes the Pass.
If so I’ll try to get a replacement. 
At the moment, the lists are as follows:

Standard Packs:
Bananas - 21 boxes of 18kg loose
Broccoli - 13 crates of 30 count
Apples - 21 crates of 18kg
Mandarin - 19 crates of 20kg (please sort carefully. Often the odd few to be discarded)
Onions - 42 crates of 9 x 1.5kg bags
Celery - 24 crates of 16 count
Mangos - 27 trays of 14 count
Parsnip - 10 crates of 20kg

Extra Veg:
Brussel Sprouts - 2 x 10kg crates
Shanghai - 5 crates of 10 packs


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