Tuesday, 4 July 2017

For delivery 5th July 2017

Morning all

A reminder that there will be one or two folk from Sport Canterbury assisting with packing tomorrow morning.
Please remember to enclose a ‘Be Active’ leaflet in each pack this week. These have been supplied by Sport Canterbury and will arrive tomorrow morning with your produce.

Rowley Resource Centre have ordered the following produce which will arrive with your load.
Please separate it out and set aside for them:
1 crate of 10 cabbage
1 crate of 14 x 1kg bags of carrots
1 x 10kg bag of potatoes
1 crate of kumara (20kg)
1 crate of onions (20 kg)
1 crate of 15 count pumpkins

And for the main bags:
Bananas - 21 x 18kg boxes (loose)
Cabbage - 38 crates of 10 count
Potatoes - 48 bags each containing 8 x 2kg gourmet 
Apples - 32 rates of 12kg
Mandarins - 19 crates of 20kg

Extra veggie:
Kumara - 1 crate of 20kg
Broccoli - 2 crates of 25 count (10 to sell on at $2)

Cheers for now

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