Tuesday, 15 August 2017

For Delivery 16th Aug 2017

Morning all

List for tomorrow is:
Banana - 21 boxes of 18kg
Broccoli - 16 crates of 25 count
Onions (loose) - 15 crates of 20kg
Carrots (loose) - 15 crates of 20kg
Oranges (new season Navel) - 15 crates of 20kg
Gold Kiwi - 20 crates of 15kg
Mushrooms - 32 trays of 3kg (I’ll add paper bags i case you have run out)

Yams - 1 crate of 15kg
Cucumber - 1 crate of 50 count

There will also be extra citrus available for you. This is produce gifted to us by the kind folk in Whangarei. Are you please able to get a pic or two of people receiving this and send to me? 
Higher resolution if possible. Whangarei Lions Club would like to have this.
Please pack in a bag separate from the normal produce. That way we maintain our integrity around Ministry of Primary Industries requirement on approved growers.


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