Tuesday, 8 August 2017

For Delivery 9th Aug 2017

8 items in tomorrow’s bags:

Bananas - 21 boxes of 18kg loose
Butterkin - 22 crates of 18 count
Swede - 33 crates of 12 count
Kumara (small) - 10 crates of 20kg
Green Kiwi - 19 crates of 20kg
Apples-19 crates of 12kg
Mandarins - 21 boxes of 9kg
Leeks - 20 crates of 20 count

Extra Veg:
Mushrooms - 4 boxes of 4kg
Beetroot - 2 crates of 20kg

Next week there will be free citrus for Whangarei to distribute.
I’m not sure what we will receive. It arrives later this week. Probably a fair bit of grapefruit with some oranges and mandarins.
I’ll be in touch one I have more information.

Cheers for now

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