Tuesday, 10 October 2017

For Delivery 11th Oct 2017

Morning all

Prepare for a large load of sweet NZ navel oranges tomorrow morning. Two bins to unload.
Also silverbeet. This veg is loaded with goodies - folate, Vitamins A,C,E and B6. Also a a very good source of potassium.
Here’s some info’ on preparing and cooking:
Wash stalks and leaves at least twice. Remove stalks and centre ribs and cut to requirements if using. Cut or tear leaves. Shake off excess water. When cooking leaves, don't add water as the water that clings to them after washing is sufficient. The stems can be removed from the leafy section and cooked like asparagus, or sliced and cooked. Both the stems and leaves can be used together; the stems take longer to cook so add the leaves 3-4 minutes after the stems. Silverbeet suits quick cooking methods like stir frying, steaming or microwaving.

List for tomorrow:

Bananas - 23 boxes of 18kg loose
Silverbeet (in sleeves) - 26 crates of 16 count
Carrots - 33 boxes of 10kg
Oranges - 2 bins of 360kg
Cabbages - 81 crates of 5 count
Lemons - 10 crates of 20kg
Parsnips - 13 crates of 20kg

Veg Extra:
Broccoli - 2 crates of 25 count
Celery - 3 crates of 16 count


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