Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Produce order for 17 January 2018

Hi Everyone - here is what Craig has written for us today:
Interesting days for produce with these strange weather events.
Courgette should be abundant but instead is rather expensive. Growers in Nelson are struggling with unusually high temperatures, as are growers in the south of the South island.
However…Canterbury is doing pretty well. I wonder if global warming might turn the Canterbury region into the new Nelson.

Anyway…the market still has a good variety on offer.
Tomorrow you will receive:

Bananas -11 boxes of 18kg loose
Lettuce - 20 crates of 10 count
Tomatoes - 12 rates of 14kg
Pineapples - 23 trays of 9 count
Plums - 18 boxes of 10kg
Carrots - 8 boxes of 20kg
Spring onions - 8 crates of 25 count

Extras $5 option
Courgette (yellow) - 2 crates of 4 kg
Corn - 1 crate of 42 count
Radish - 2 crates of 15 bunches

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