Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Produce List 15th August 2018

Produce arriving tomorrow is:

Mixed Bags

Bananas - 22 boxes of 18kg

Broccoli - 12 crates of 25 count

Kumara - 8 crates of 20 kg

Courgette - 15 boxes of 10kg

Red Onions - 7 crates of 20kg

Apples (Pacific Queen) - 17 boxes of 17.5kg

Oranges - 14 crates of 20kg

Capsicum (yellow) - 4 crates of 20kg

Notes: More bananas than normal this week so folk will get around 1.4kg per order. Kumara is commercial grade - misshapen but yummy. Courgette showing some signs of dehydration but all good to eat. Some Red Onions sprouting to check through and remove before calculating how much folk get.

Prices saving make buying the above a great deal.

Extra $5

Parsnip - 2 crates of 20kg

Carrots - 3 crates of 14kg

Mushrooms - 2 boxes