Hub Support

Responsibilities of Hubs within CSFVC(Inc)

Hub Support is a place where ideas can be shared by hubs and so that the Board and collective members can provide the kind of support hubs need.

Each hub operates differently.  Most hubs share the responsibilities with among the members of the hub.  The role of the Hub Coordinator is to ensure that the hub members work together to support your Hub and the CSFVC as a whole.

The following lists are a guide to what is needed from each hub.  

  • Ongoing responsibilities to do with the Collective.  These responsibilities are to do with caring for CSFVC(Inc) which is the organisation that runs the Coop and where we are "helping each other by working together" to strengthen our communities - especially around healthy eating and general well-being.  


  1. Congratulation on launching this, Cathy. I think it would be great to post a photo of produce as a blog post ... this is a place the public can see so it would be good advertising. Teresa posts the list up here each Tuesday and the orders on a Friday ... so a photo in between would be great.

    We could also include some photos of the Packing etc. In other words make this blog more interesting and attractive ... but ... one step at a time!


    1. Good plan, I've been looking into how to do this either as a blog post or on a page