How It Works

Overview (updated July 2016)

  • The week in advance of getting the produce:  People order a pack of fruit and vegetables through one of our 14 cooperative hubs.
  • On Tuesday: Food{Together buys produce for us from the markets.  Food{Together is a not-for-profit organisation is contracted by CSFVC(Inc) to buy bulk fruit and veggies. 
  • On Wednesday morning: The produce is packed at the Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church at 5 Downing St by people who belong to one of 15 cooperative hubs.
    • The first workers arrive about 6am to set up ready for the truck
    • The truck arrives about 6:45am and workers help to unload it and transport the crates into the hall.  Workers keep arriving and helping.
    • Workers sort out how much of what needs to go in each bag and generally get organised so that the actual packing starts about 8am.  Most workers are either packing produce or helping with counting the bags and moving them our of the dispatch room and into cars.  We need lots of workers from about 8am onward.
    •  We are usually finished packing by about 9:30am.  Those who have arrived later stay and tidy up so the hall is usually all clean and clear by about 10am.
  • After packing and clean up: The packers transport the produce back to their hubs; it is collected by those who paid for it last week; the orders for the next week are taken.
  • On Wednesday or Thursday: The coordinators of each hub order the packs for the following week through the TradeGecko online shop and pay for them with a bank deposit.  


  1. Hi, just wondering, does the fruit and veg come from local markets or supermarkets? Thanks!

  2. HI, Jamie - The produce comes from MG marketing. Most supermarkets also buy from them. We are able to keep our prices low because we do not pay for premises (apart from hiring the halls we pack in on Wednesday mornings) and we do not pay any wages because we share the work.

    Thanks for your question.


  3. Hi, this is amazing, awesome job.
    Do you pack fruits as well? I work on Wednesday, Until what time can I collect on Wednesday?