The Co-op and the Collective - what is the difference?

The Cooperative
The Cooperative (or Coop or Co-op) is a network of 11 distribution hubs (as of March 2020). Each hub acts as a cooperative where members share the workload. The Co-op distributes between 150 and 200 packs to its members each week (March 2020). Link here to the list of Distribution Hubs

When you join a distribution hub you work with your hub coordinator and sort out with her/him what you need to do to belong to that hub. As soon as you find a hub that you can join you become a Co-op member and can buy fruit and veges through the Co-op. Each hub can do its own thing, provided it works within the guidelines set by the Collective. Orders and payment for the following week need to be in to the Collective by no later than the Thursday Link here to Hub Support and guidelines

The Collective 
Members of the Collective have joined the Incorporated Society called "Christchurch South Fruit and Vegetable Collective".  People who join the Collective believe in the work it is doing and want to be actively involved in more than getting fruit and vege through the Co-op.  At the time of the 2019 AGM we had about 20 members. The Board of the Collective meets monthly, all members are welcome to attend, however, if you wish to speak at a Board meeting you will need to advise the Secretary ([email protected]) at least one week prior to any meeting to be added to the Agenda.  The Rules (or Constitution) of the Collective can be found here. Link here to Rules (our constitution) 

The Collective works in two key areas:
  • The Collective provides governance for the Co-op.  The Collective elects a Board at its AGM. The Board carries out governance responsibilities in consultation with *the hubs, *the shop team, *the packing centre team and *members of the Collective. The Board works in the background to ensure that CSFVC (Inc) is covering all financial and legal requirements as well as caring for the long-term future of the organisation. 
  • The Collective is a self-sustaining organisation.  We do not seek funds from charitable organisations and we are not a charity. Members of the Collective work together to help each other and to support the Collective as a whole. Most members take a special interest in at least one of these key areas of work.  

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