Cooperatives and distribution of produce

Being updating during June 2018
Some contacts may not work - if in doubt please email [email protected]

If you have trouble finding a cooperative to suit you then please email us at [email protected] and let us know your phone number, where you live, and whether you can use internet banking.  We will contact you.

Cooperative Groups

Tennyson (Angus St), Eureka and Bower Cooperatives work together. These hubs are run for people who are unable to help at the packing centre, they do not all live in these areas but work in the area or pass coming or going to work. We deliver to some people if required. We are flexible we have people coming from North Canterbury, Lyttelton,  Birding Flats. We deliver to Hoon Hay, Riccarton, Redwood, Parklands, Aranui, Woolston Linwood and Cashmere. We can be contacted on Facebook via  or phone/text Janet 0274048086, Karen 0277772829 or Toni 0276884616. We offer internet banking.

Hoon Hay cooperative operates out of the Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church halls - 5 Downing Street, Hoon Hay.  Payment is made one week in advance by cash or internet banking. Packs can be picked up between 4:45pm to 5:30 pm Wednesdays or between 9am to 10am during packing. Packs not collected by Sunday AM are donated.  We do not require that members help with packing although some do so and anyone else who could help would be welcome. Contact John Edgar 3383246,  0272077761 or Tim Nolan 021459215.

Rolleston Vege Co-op runs in a way where everyone is welcome to join as long as they are able to contribute to the running of it on a 6 week roster basis. You either pack at the Hoon Hay packing centre or be a distributor in Rolleston for the day to allow people to collect packs from your home on a Wednesday. If you are interested please join our Facebook page, Rolleston Fruit and Vege Co-op.

The Rowley Fruit & Vege Co-op welcomes new customers on the condition they are available to volunteer 3-4 times a year at the Hoon Hay Packing Centre or help with the collection side of things at the Hub.  Packs are available for pickup each Wednesday from the Rowley Resource Centre, 89 Rowley Avenue, Hillmorton between 11am and 1pm.  For enquiries please contact Jeffery on 021 135 2062 or the Rowley Resource Centre (host) on 960 1776.

Addington, Barrington, Downing, Halswell and Hornby cooperatives:  members use Internet Banking.  We rely on people who can help out regularly at the Packing Centre on Wednesdays.  Thanks to them we can cater for (1) people who cannot help on Wednesdays but who offer to get involved behind the scenes in supporting this organisation and (2) groups of people who pick up produce from a location near them. Cooperative members pay an extra dollar to cover delivery and administration expenses.  Contact details:
   Halswell: contact Kate 0204127 6083; email [email protected]; facebook
   Hornby:    Hornby Community Centre:  349-9793 or Linda 02139642; Email:  [email protected].nz                                     
  All others - (meantime) - Email [email protected] or phone Elaine on 021993259 

West Spreydon School Co-op is mainly for school families past, present and future. We take turns packing and delivering, or we currently charge $1 extra/pack if you can’t help. We have school and all day pick up options. Please join our Facebook page - WSSFruitandVegCoop or phone Cathy on 9817092 if you are interested in joining.

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