Membership- How do I join the CSFVC Inc?

How to join as a member of the Christchurch South Fruit and Vegetable Collective (Inc)?

Question: What does it mean to be a member of CSFVC(Inc)? Why should anyone join? 

Answer: Being a member of the Collective means that you care about the organisation and want it to support it. Being a member means you can join in with other members and share the satisfaction of doing things together and learning together.  In the future, being a member will mean you hear about what's going on and you can offer to help out in activities. Our members also agree to our Mission, Vision and Values.

Mission: helping each other by working together
Vision: To be a key organisation within a community that fosters healthy eating and general well-being in Christchurch South and beyond
Values: ethical, compassionate, inclusive, collaborative, effective

Questions:   What does it cost?  What am I committing myself to?

Answer:   It costs nothing to be a member of the CSFVC, and you are not required to do anything you do not want to do.  Basically, members are interested in what is going on, they offer to help when they can, and they enjoy being with people who have similar aims.  

Question: How often do I need to renew membership?

Answer: Membership is renewed yearly. You will be contacted by email or in person as we ensure we have up to date records of our members.


We need you to print out a membership form/ membership renewal form and return it to  


attach the forms to an email and send it to i[email protected]

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